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Developing Dynamic Web Applications Using Angular 2 Microsoft

About This Course

This computer science course introduces the new Angular 2 web framework as a method of building web applications. You will learn about the history of the platform to better understand how and why Angular 2 exists. You will also have the opportunity to explore each component of Angular 2 and how they co-exist in a complete solution. You will gain hands-on experience with Angular 2 by implementing your own directives, components and services to create your own complex web applications.

This course teaches the essential tasks necessary to create a basic Angular 2 web application and then covers the extensibility points currently available to extend the capabilities of a web application and enhance the built-in functionality of Angular 2.

What you'll learn

  • Relationship between Angular 2, HTML, Node Package Manager and TypeScript
  • Authoring Angular 2 Applications using Visual Studio Code
  • Building Custom Angular 2 Components, Modules, Directives and Services
  • Authoring Angular 2 Templates and Utilize Angular 2 Routing
  • Leverage Advanced TypeScript Language Features in Angular 2

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Sidney Andrews

Microsoft Certified Trainer

Director of Developer Training

Sidney Andrews is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Director of Developer Training with Opsgility. He has a background in ASP.NET web development and also extensive experience with client and device development leveraging XAML. Sidney is the author of both the 10978A: Introduction to Azure for Developers and 20532B: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions official courses for Microsoft. He also regularly travels to user groups, conferences and code camps to talk about the Azure platform including Ignite, //build and SharePoint Conference.

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